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Business communication simplified

Business can be complicated. Communication doesn’t have to be.

We designed Universe, our cloud service to be simple to adopt and use. No expensive equipment, no complex manuals. Just great products that every business can enjoy.

Cloud telephony allows your business to enjoy the mix of technologies best suited to you. Whether you have dispersed offices or want to support remote workers, our products and services can help.

You might be looking to move to an “as-a-service” model. Or maybe you want to put all your IT in cloud. Cloud services are easy to budget, easy to deploy, scalable and future ready.

Our mission is to bring user-friendly products to business clients. The future may bring challenges, managing your communications should not be one of them.

You know your business. We know cloud communications.

Communication is for everyone

You can’t talk about cloud without mentioning scalability and superior cost savings . Putting voice services in the cloud saves significant capital expenditures by offering an operating expenses based model. For fifteen years we have been helping businesses achieve this.


Large enterprises need to collaborate across geographies, sites and offices with ease. Our fast, secure, reliable platform was designed in-house. We keep your business connected wherever your team may be.

Small and medium business

Your SME needs effective communications. With cloud telephony you can enjoy the the latest software and features without spending on infrastructure.

Today’s landscape means you need to stand out from your competitors. We give all businesses access to simple applications to create a superior customer experience.