Encrypted IP Telephony

Secure your data

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Where are you in the security landscape?

Your confidential business data shouldn’t fall into the wrong hands. That’s obvious. Our call encryption solutions work like a firewall to protect business phone conversations that are made over the Internet.

Call encryption isn’t just about complying with regulations and avoiding fines; it allows you to be confident that all your Internet is protected with strong cyber security defences.

Our SIP Encrypt service is a fully audited cloud telephony service that safeguards against eavesdropping and toll fraud.

We help contact centres, the legal and financial sector and pharmaceutical companies protect their intellectual property and comply with legislation. With over fifteen years’ experience in call security Firstcom can design a solution for you.

Compliance matters

The General Data Protection Regulation levies significant fines for businesses who fail to protect their data. If you transmit data by the telephone you should encrypt this as part of your compliance with the Regulation. We understand voice security and take care of this as part of your path to compliance and best practice.

Security to build trust

As we move more services into the cloud, data security is a growing concern. Being security conscious shouldn’t stop you from taking advantage of the benefits the cloud can bring.

Choosing a service provider who takes security seriously can help your business adopt new technologies without compromising stakeholder trust.